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インターナショナルスクール集中科目2020 国際都市文化論Ⅱ

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講師: Langley, Raymond(大分大学福祉健康科学部准教授)
講義名:International cities and cultures II

  1. Objective of the course
    In this class, we will study the interaction between culture and psychology.  This course will explore how we can better understand human behavior, thought, and feeling by taking into account the role of culture, a perspective gaining popularity in the 21st century.  We will look at various topics currently under discussion in this field, as well as methodologies to analyse psychological matters in relation to culture.
  1. Goal
    Students are expected to be able to evaluate basic issues discussed in cultural psychology, and gain knowledge on research methods, and to apply skills and knowledge to various phenomena in the daily life.

3.Weekly plan

Week 1: Overview of the relationship between psychology and culture
Week 2: Cultural psychology research methods
Week 3: Cultural psychology and replication issues
Week 4: Culture and self-construal
Week 5: Culture and attribution, the fundamental attribution error, locus of control
Week 6: Culture, perception, and cognition
Week 7: The relation between language, culture, and thought: The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis
Week 8: Bilingualism and Translation (1): linguistic competence
Week 9: Bilingualism Translation: cultural influence
Week 10: Prejudice
Week 11: Overcoming Prejudice
Week 12: Helping Behavior
Week 13: Cultural Neuroscience
Week 14: Intercultural Communication
Week 15: Summary of the course

  1. Preparation and review for each class
    Students are advised to read relevant materials prior to each meeting, and think how topics dealt with in the class can be applied to our verbal and cultural activities in our daily life.
  1. Evaluation methods
    Essays (80%), class participation (20%)
  1. Comments for students (raising awareness to particulars that you wish to address)
    Topics covered in this course can be found in our daily life, and in addition to lectures and academic readings, I would like for the students to reflect upon and discuss their own experiences with different cultures and languages.
  1. Text books and other materials
    People: Psychology from a Cultural Perspective. Matsumoto, David.  Brooms/Cole, 1994
    Culture and Psychology.  Matsumoto, David and Juang, Linda. Australia: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning, 2013
    文化心理学〈上〉心がつくる文化、文化がつくる心 (心理学の世界 専門編)、増田貴彦、山岸俊男、2010.
    (Additional materials will be provided during the class.)



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2020年3月9日(月) 13:00~17:00 に予定されていた英語ライティングセミナーは、新型コロナウィルス感染拡大防止の観点から、中止となりました。ご理解ください。

IS日常化プログラム 2019 第3回

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    • IS日常化プログラム(開催)


開催日2020年2月5日(水) 15:15 - 17:00
会場大阪市立大学 文学部棟 1階142号室
主催大阪市立大学 文学研究科 教育学専修

李  林(リ リン) 華東師範大学 准教授

華東師範大学の李林准教授をお招きし、近代国家設立期(日本:明治期、中国:清末期)における初等教育改革の 日中比較研究をテーマにご講演をしていただき、討議を行います。基調講演は英語で行いますが、討議については、英語、日本語、中国語を交えて行います。