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Japanese History


This course aims to provide students with opportunities to study the history of Japanese society from ancient times to the present and acquire the ability to conduct research independently; in so doing, students will learn the ways in which a variety of historical resources, including archaeological sites and artifacts, ancient documents, diaries, and records, as well as modern and contemporary official documents and customs and folklore can be analyzed. Students will learn how to leverage these resources to conduct historical research from varied perspectives, including political history, social history, urban history, and cultural history. Research activities will also extend beyond the boundaries of the university campus. By working with various academic societies and research groups, students will deepen their exchanges with researchers at other universities and research institutions across the country. Students can generally expect various future career paths including the teaching at universities, curatorial positions in museums and archives, and other research and professional positions.



Professor Naofumi Kishimoto Professor Naofumi Kishimoto conducts research on Kofun-period society by examining tumuli and tumulus groups; he plans to conduct a series of surveys of keyhole-shaped tumuli in the Kinki region.
Associate Professor Toru Iwashita Associate Professor Toru Iwashita conducts research on the Nara and Heian periods. In addition to studying local rulers by analyzing the historical system of district governors and commenting on the diaries (ancient records) of the Heian aristocracy, he also investigates the ancient history of Osaka, including Naniwa Palace and Gyoki.
Professor Hiroshi Niki Research focusing on the history of cities and villages across Japan, especially the Kinki region from the Middle Ages to the Oda and Toyotomi periods. Other main research topics include the daimyo, economy, and distribution during the Warring States period.
Associate Professor Hiroko Saito Associate Professor Hiroko Saito conducts research on the regional communities in Osaka and Izumi in the early modern period (Edo period); she investigates the characteristics of governance by feudal lords within the Kinki region from regional history’s perspective.
Professor Ashita Saga Professor Ashita Saga conducts research on the modern (from the Meiji era onward) megalopolis of Osaka, thus focusing on the diverse local communities that have existed within the city. Recently, he has also been investigating the history of communities in licensed red-light districts from the early modern period to the present.


The Historical Journal of Japan by Osaka City University (OCU)

The Osaka City University Society for the History of Japan was founded in May 1998, and it published the first issue of the Historical Journal of Japan at the same time. This journal publishes lectures and research reports from its annual conference, as well as manuscripts submitted for publication and reports on joint research with the Izumi City Board of Education.