UrbanScope Volume 3, June 2012

The Urban-Culture Research Center (UCRC) at Osaka City University (OCU)
is proud to present the third issue of UrbanScope, an online,
open-access journal. As the name suggests, UrbanScope covers a broad spectrum of urban issues featuring contributions encompassing various perspectives within the humanities.

As a Bottom-up Journal

The Courting of Kume no Zenji: The Allurement of Waka under the Tenji Court
Masahiro MURATA

Nobunaga’s Kan? Free-Market Decrees: A Reconsideration
Hiroshi NIKI

From the Traditional City to the Modern City: Based on Studies of Urban
Regional Societies in 19th Century Osaka
Ashita SAGA

A Comparative Analysis of Changes in the Characteristics of Urban
Residents in Tokyo and Osaka, 1995-2005

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