The Urban-Culture Research Center is composed of a dozen faculty members of the
Literature and Human Sciences and more than 50 UCRC doctoral fellows.

Core members (Faculty Members of the Literature and Human Sciences)

name title specialization
Medieval Japanese Literature, Setsuwa-denshō Literature (Japanese Folk-Literature), Japanese Buddhist Literature
KUSABU Hisatsugu Director
Byzantine & Medieval History, Christianity, Religious Movements
SAKON Takeshi Vice- Director
Associate Professor
Analytic Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Time, Philosophy of Mind
OBA Shigeaki Professor Regional Studies of Germany, Urban Policies
HASEGAWA Kenichi Associate Professor Modern German Literature
TSUJINO Kemma Associate Professor Educational Administration/Management, School Management in Germany
YAMAMOTO Mayuko Lecturer Heian Literature (Japanese Literature of the Heian period), Wakan Comparative Literature
ISHIKAWA Yu Specially Appointed
Research Associate
Studies of Culture and Representation, Fan Culture Studies