UrbanScope Volume 10, May 2019

The Urban-Culture Research Center (UCRC) at Osaka City University (OCU) is proud to present the tenth issue of UrbanScope, an online, open-access journal. As the name suggests, UrbanScope covers a broad spectrum of urban issues featuring contributions encompassing various perspectives within the humanities.

Special Topic1: The Dismantling of the Status System in Nineteenth-Century Japan

  • Introduction
    Timothy D AMOS
  • Lamp Oil and the Transformation of Rural Society in Nineteenth-Century Japan
  • The Dissolution of Outcast Status and Outcast Property in Meiji Japan
    Michael ABELE
  • Panhandling, Subsistence, and Poverty Management in Meiji Tokyo1
    John PORTER
  • The Struggle to Modernize Community Medicine in Late Nineteenth-Century Japan
  • Discussant’s Comments
    Maren EHLERS

Special Topic2: The Scope of Public Education in Japan and Germany with a Focus on “School Absenteeism”

  • Introduction
    Kemma TSUJINO
  • Research and Management of School Absenteeism in Germany
    Heinrich RICKING & Gisela C. SCHULZE
  • Investigation and Research of Absenteeism in the Sumiyoshi Ward Investigative Report (March 31, 2017)
    Haruo SOEDA (Representative), Hisayoshi MORI, Nozomi SHIMADA, Junnichi OHARA, Wei Wei, Rina HIRATSUKA, Akitomo NAKADE, Yui FUJITA, Rie KOMURA, Azuki OKA, Mana KAWASAKI and Tomoyo KAWAZOE
  • Aspects of self-exclusion in the Japanese education system
    Sabine MEISE
  • The Changing Meaning of Schools for Children
    Ayumi FUKAWA
  • The Scope of Public Education in Japan and Germany with a Focus on “School Absenteeism”
    Kemma TSUJINO

Research Note

  • A bifurcation of rural gentrification?
    Natsuki KAWAGUCHI

Editorial Note

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