General Symposium 2019 “Society, Modernization and Archives of Asian Regions”

Marginal Social Groups’ Experiences of Modernity – General Symposium 2019 is part of an international collaborative research program involving Osaka City University, Yale University, National University of Singapore (NUS), and Shanghai University. In bringing together in Japan participating scholars from America, Singapore, and China, our agenda for this event will be to discuss the comparative history of marginal social groups in Japan and Asia during the transition out of early modernity.
The starting point for our discussion lies at the intersection of such groups’ historical structures and the characteristics of the documentary sources through which we attempt to comprehend them. We begin with a session that introduces early modern Japanese hinin (beggar) groups, taking the distribution and composition of the documents that they produced as a basis for comparative discussion, followed by multiple sessions centered on the work of the program’s partner researchers in Indian, Ottoman, and various Asian social histories.
The relevant texts for each session will be distributed in English and Japanese. Discussion, too, will proceed in both languages, facilitated by our bilingual participants and leaving plenty of time for a careful and stimulating exchange of ideas. We warmly welcome anyone with an interest in the themes of the symposium to attend.

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Date May 25 (Sat), 26 (Sun), 27 (Mon)
Location Conference Room, Osaka City University Media Center


All inquires may be directed to the main office of Marginal Social Groups’ Experiences of Modernity (a Project for Cultivating Internationally Active Researchers by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science).
Ashita SAGA(Professor, Osaka City University)

2019年度 総括シンポジウム「アジア諸地域の社会・近代化・史料」



日時 2019年5月25日(土)、26日(日)、27日(月)
会場 大阪市立大学 学術情報総合センター1階 文化交流室


佐賀 朝(文学研究科教授)