In this website, the activities of a research project, Marginal Social Groups’

Experiences of Modernity: Building Bridges between Historians of Asia in Japan and the West are introduced. This project has been sponsored by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) since October 2017 and will be until March 2020. It is one of the core projects of the Urban Culture Research Center (UCRC) at the Graduate School of Literature and Human Sciences, Osaka City University.

The project is based on the research network of scholars who investigate the marginal social groups of early modern and modern Japan at Osaka City University and Yale University. The comparative study of Japan and other areas of Asia will deepens one’s understanding of the groups that were socially marginalized in each country as well as the particularities and commonalities of local societies in different parts of the non-Western world. Consequently, the research network has been expanded to include researchers who study the early modern and modern history of China, South Asia and the Middle East. Thus, the aim of the network is to promote a comparative discussion of modernity in different parts of the non-Western world and to create a new international research network. Accordingly, the aim is to bridge the gap in the historical methodology between Japan and the Western tradition. In this project, young researchers in Japan are provided with the opportunity to conduct research at Yale University, National University of Singapore (NUS) and Shanghai University for a period of over 300 days. Furthermore, young and senior researchers from these universities are invited to Osaka City University.

In addition to the information of seminars and international symposiums, this website provides content of research that is related to the social and urban history of Japan and other areas of Asia in the early modern and modern period. The aim is to share the results of this project with researchers in related fields.


本WEBサイトは、2017年10月に日本学術振興会の「頭脳循環プログラム」の事業として採択された事業の活動を紹介するものです。本事業の課題名は「周縁的社会集団と近代―日本と欧米におけるアジア史研究の架橋」(Marginal Social Groups’ Experiences of Modernity: Building Bridges between Historians of Asia in Japan and the West )であり、2020年3月までの約2年半にわたって取り組まれる予定です。*