Courses in the Undergraduate and Graduate School

International School Intensive Classes (course names change every year)

This intensive study class is held every year for a four- to five-day period between the middle and end of September. The course subjects are “Comparative Cultural Exchange I,” “Comparative Cultural Exchange II,” “International Urban Culture I,” “International Urban Culture II,” “International Urban Society I,” and “International Urban Society II,” and in principle one course subject is offered every year.

Classes are organized in two formats: sessions for listening to lectures in English, and sessions for questions and discussion of the lecture contents in English. By alternating the two session styles, we provide students with a deeper understanding of the subject matter, and by thinking and expressing themselves directly in English, students have the opportunity to experience academic English firsthand.


Academic Communication Courses I / II (for Graduate Students)

This subject is taught as a graduate school course in both the first and second semesters of our Graduate School of Literature and Human Sciences. In the AC Training I of the first semester, the essential skills of making presentations in English are taught, and in the AC Training II of the second semester, the fundamentals of academic writing are covered. This course connects to our extensive Research Support for Junior Researchers.

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