Research Support for Junior Researchers

In our International School, we have four programs designed for the graduate students and junior researchers in our Graduate School of Literature and Human Sciences. The following four programs offer support in presenting research findings in foreign languages, writing papers, participating in overseas academic conferences overseas, and conducting research abroad.

Practical Writing Seminar (one-day course)

This one-day seminar expands further on the graduate school subject “Academic Communication Course II,” giving students the opportunity to learn the skills needed to write papers in English.

Training Program

This is a training program designed to give students the practical skills required to present research findings in English. Students who participate in this training program earn an opportunity to make a presentation at the International School Research Exchange Seminar.

Proofreading and Translation Support for Papers in Foreign Languages (also available for languages other than English)

At present, writing a thesis in a foreign language has become an important requirement for Japanese researchers. However, junior researchers, particularly graduate students have great difficulty in writing papers in a foreign language. Accordingly, we have not only promoted educational programs but also facilitated the cultivation of promising human resources by providing financial assistance. When junior researchers make use of proofreading services (in some cases, translation services) offered by companies to help with writing papers or other documents in foreign languages, we provide funds to assist with the expenses incurred.

Support Scheme for Travel Overseas by Junior Researchers (for research, presentations)

We provide financial assistance with overseas travel expenses to support graduate school students and UCRC (Urban-Culture Research Center) researchers. This is to support plans for making presentations at international academic conferences and/or conducting research abroad.

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