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Researcher Name石田 佐恵子イシタ サエコ
AffiliationOsaka City University
SectionGraduate School of Literature and Human Sciences
  • Master of Sociology
  • Doctor of Sociology

Published Papers

  • Collecting, Sharing, and Consuming Cultures: On Popular Culture Museums

    Saeko Ishita
    An International Symposium : “The New Current of Cultural Consumption in East Asia” 53-69

  • 日本における韓流ブームのさまざまな語り手たち

    Korean Cultural Law & Policy Review 1 123-156

  • Media and Cultural Studies in Japanese Sociology: An Introduction

    Saeko Ishita
    International Journal of Japanese Sociology (11) 2-4

Books etc

  • Transnational Popular Culture

  • A Companion to Celebrity


  • Translation : into Japanese, H. Blumer, Industrialization as an Agent of Social Change : A Critical Analysis, Aldine de Gruyter, 1990


  • The Drawing Styles in Girls Comics ; a Dialect of Subculture

    NTT-Shuppan, "Comic Media'

  • Studies on Celebrity : How TV - Shows Make Celebrity.

    Parco. Co. Ltd. 'the Collection of Pop Communications'

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  • 村上晴美・石田佐恵子


  • Television genre and Audience: Quiz Shows in Japanese Television

    52 (5) 25-38

  • Discourse of Nationality in Contemporary Media Culture : in case of "Japapneseness"

    Studies in the Humanities 50 (9) 59-75

  • Transformed Remembrance of CHIIDHOOD

    KODOMO Science, Benesse 7 -

  • Generation of 'Real', Generation of 'Fiction'

    Informed and Consumptive Society -

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Research Interests

Contemporary Cultural Studies, Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Knowledge,

Research Areas

  • Sociology/Sociology

Association Memberships

  • British Sociological Association

  • Association for Cultural Studies

Research Grants & Projects

  • Historical and Comparative Studies in Culturies related with Quiz Show

  • Cross-cultural Studies of the Character and Construction of Contemporary Media in Everyday Life.

  • The Study of Celebrity : Its Power and Interaction on Contemporary Media and Culture


  • - : University of Tsukuba Graduate School, Division of Social Sciences

  • - : University of Tsukuba First Cluster of College