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Researcher Name小田中 章浩オダナカ アキヒロ
AffiliationOsaka City University
SectionGraduate School of Literature and Human Sciences
  • Waseda University Master of Arts

Academic & Professional Experience

  • - : Toita Women's College, Lecturer

  • - : Waseda University, Research Assistant

  • - : Waseda University, Lecturer

  • - : Seisen University, Lecturer

  • - : Nihon University, Lecturer

Awards & Honors

  • : Kawatake Prize

Published Papers

  • Revenge and the Marketplace: A Study of Chikamatsu Hanji’s Travel Game while Crossing Iga”,

    ODANAKA Akihiro
    Comparative Theater Review Vol.14 (No.1) 17-28

  • La Poésie dramatique face à la catastrophe

    ODANAKA Akihiro
    Etudes de Langue et Littérature Française No.100 169-185

Books etc

  • On Irony in the Theater

  • Irony in the Theater


  • "Le Cocu magnifigne" or the tragedy of language

    Studies of French Language and literature (62) 119-

  • The Theater as "tableau"ーMaurice Maeterlinck's "Les Avengles"

    Studies on Theatre Arts (34) 1-

  • The Theater viewed as a "play" ; in relation to the status of the audience

    The Bulletin of the Institute of Literary Studies, Waseda University (別冊17) 135-

  • The Theater as a "school" of laughter

    The Bulletin of the Institute of Literary studies, Waseda University (別冊16) 153-

  • On "Le Proffessor Taranne" of Arthur Adamov

    The Bulletin of the Japanese Society for Theatre Research (30) 33-

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Research Interests

Theatre studies, French theatre, Culture and representation, aesthetics(theater study), literature(French theater), theatricality in education,

Research Areas

  • Art studies/Aesthetics and studies on art

  • Literature/European literature (English literature excluded)


  • Symposium ; "what is the realist drama? "

  • Symposium ; "when the theater cites itself"

  • Symposium ; "The Metatheater and play within a play in the East and West"

  • Symposiom ; Monologue, Narration or confession ?

  • Symbosium ; Revenge and kataki-uchi as Drama

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Research Grants & Projects

  • Comparative study of theater

  • Study on French Theater

  • Relationship between theater and teaching

  • Visual database of Japanese theaters


  • - : Waseda University Graduate School, Division of Letters

  • - : Waseda University Faculty of Literature