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Researcher Name大場 茂明オオバ シゲアキ
AffiliationOsaka City University
SectionGraduate School of Literature and Human Sciences, Human Behavioral Sciences Course
  • Master of Literature
  • Doctor of Literature

Books etc

  • Germany after the "Re-unification" : Changes of the Eastern

  • Reorganization of the Japanese Urban System since 1945

    Fl(]J1168[)chter, W.(ed.): Japan and Central Europe restructuring (Harrassowitz)

  • The Development of Municipal Land Policy and Housing Strategies in Modern Osaka

    Asia and Osaka (Kokon-Shoin)

  • Housing Policy in Europe and the USA : Britainy, Germany, France, America

    Minerva Shobo


  • The Influence of (]J1051[)PNV to the Settlement Development in the Middle Ruhr Area

    The Human Geography 37 (2) 1-25

  • Structural Change in the Rhine-Ruhr Conurbation Area, Federal Republic of Germany

    Studies in the Humanities 41 (8) 1-26

  • The Development of (]J1051[)PNV and Regional Transformation : A Case Study of Japanese and German Modern Cities

    The Railway History 8 33-42

  • Recent Trends of (]J1051[)PNV in the Federal Republic of Germany

    Studies in the Humanities 38 (7) -

  • An Investigation on the Distributional Pattern of Factories in Senshu District Based on the Quantitative Method

    The Human Geography 31 (1) 69-76

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Research Interests

Study on Urban Development, Spatial Structure in Modern Cities, Urban Policies,

Research Areas

  • Geography/Geography

  • Architecture and building engineering/Town planning/Architectural planning

Research Grants & Projects

  • Study on Interurban Competition in Modern Germany

  • Study on International Comparison of Housing Policies


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  • - : Osaka City University Faculty of Literature