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Researcher Name中川 眞ナカガワ シン
AffiliationOsaka City University
SectionUrban Research Plaza

Academic & Professional Experience

  • - : Specially Appointed Professor, Osaka City University

  • - : Professor, Osaka City University

  • - : Associate Professor, Kyoto City University of Arts

  • - : Assistant Professor, Kyoto City University of Arts

  • - : research assistant, Osaka University

Awards & Honors

  • : Special Award of Japanese Association of Urban Planners

  • : Award for International Exchange from the Republic of Indonesia

  • : Music Award of Koizumi Fumio

  • : Kyoto Music Prize

  • : Suntoy Award

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Published Papers

  • Art as a Mechanism for Increasing Social Accessibility

    ‘Urban Culture Research (7) 43-50

  • Aesthetic Strategy of Sound Art – How could it be public?

    Asian Society of Arts (ed.) ‘Asian Arts & Aesthetics’ (4) 67-79

  • A Cultural Approach to Recovery Assistance following Urban Disasters

    NAKAGAWA Shin, Koichi Suwa
    ‘City, Culture and Society’, Elsevier (1) 27-36

  • Socially Inclusive Cultural Policy and Arts-Based Urban Community Regeneration

    27 (1) 16-24

  • Dynamics of the Creation of Urban Culture in Southeast Asia in the Globalized Era


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Books etc

  • Journal of Urban Culture Research Vol.7-9

  • Cultural Resources Managemen

    UCRC Yogyakarta Subcenter

  • Tourism and Education

    UCRC Yogyakarta Subcenter

  • Coexsistence

  • Urban Culture Research Vol.1

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Conference Activities & Talks

  • Contesting Social Space in Urban Context: Toward the Third Place

    The 16th Urban Research Forum in Yogyakarta

  • About Education for Creative and Responsive Citizenship

    The 16th Urban Culture Research Forum

  • The Role of Universities in Urban Community Regeneration

    The third Conference of IUC: The University as Urban Cultural and Social Engine,

  • Social Space and Ethics

    The 15th Urban Culture Research Forum

  • Urban Resilience

    The 15th Urban Research Forum in Yogyakarta

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  • Space theory of sounds


  • The ritual process of odalan at Pura Luhur Watukau Temple

    Temple Festival in Bali -

  • Cosmology of dragon god.

    Harmonia 21 -

  • New Composition for Gamelan Music in Japan

    Proceedings of the 1st International Gamelan Festival -

  • Rhythm of sound and gesture


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Research Interests

community art, music culture in Asia, sound art, arts management, soundscape,

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Research Areas

  • Art studies/Art at large

  • Area studies/Area studies

Association Memberships

  • International Council of Traditional Music


  • Research on Sound Arts in Europe

  • Soundscape Research in Cenal Jave, Indonesia

  • Research on Contemporary Arts in U. S. A.

  • Research on Contemporary Music in England

  • Research on Masks in Indonesia

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Research Grants & Projects

  • Aesthetic Research on Sound Arts

  • Study on Soundscape

  • Ritual and Sound in Southeast Asian Countries


  • - : Osaka University Graduate School, Division of Letters

  • - : Kyoto University