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This course focuses on studying the organization and methods of school education. We adopt an educational historical approach that examines related topics in terms of how they have developed and changed over time, alongside an international comparative approach that examines these topics in terms of their global scope.

Recent doctoral theses written by students include “An Empirical Study of Methods for Developing Children’s Self-Evaluation Skills” and “Generating Meaning through Physical Expression in Musical Appreciation Classes: From the Perspective of Dewey’s Theory of Communication.” Recent master’s theses include “Student Council Activities as Citizenship Education: A Study Using Bernard Crick’s Political Literacy Tree,” “The Significance of Professional Development and Classroom Research in the Teaching Profession: Focusing on the Changes in Collaborative Teacher Culture in China,” and “The Current Status of the Board of Education’s Collegiate System: An Analysis of the Minutes of the Board of Education.”

We publish the research journal Studies in Education of Osaka City University Education Society once a year. The journal contains papers written by faculty members and graduate students, and decisions regarding the suitability for publication are made through peer review. Individuals who have completed their study in the course and are currently engaged in research at universities also contribute research essays in the form of short reports. The latter part of the journal comprises the yearly bulletin of the Department of Education, and a list of doctoral theses, master’s theses, and graduation theses.

We plan and organize the Educational Research Forum several times a year, thus providing a space for faculty members and graduate students to present their research results. We also sometimes invite guest speakers to participate in the forum. Besides this, we collaborate in holding a study group for teacher recruitment examinations, which is held once every 1–2 weeks. There is also the educational research group, which is a voluntary seminar open to undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty members. This is held about once a month, and its main purpose is to exchange information within diverse research fields in education, discuss educational issues, and promote exchanges between undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty members.

Career paths of students from this graduate school include teaching at elementary, middle, and high schools; teaching at universities; and civil service.




Professor Haruo Soeda Professor Haruo Soeda is associated with the comparative history of education and culture, research on speaking and listening in education and learning, and international comparison of bullying-related issues. [Global Bullying (co-edited), Kaneko Shobo, 1998]
Associate Professor Nozomi Shimada Associate Professor Nozomi Shimada is associated with the educational methodologies, research on the methodology of classroom research, and research on the design of inquiry-based learning activities.
Associate Professor Kemma Tsujino Associate Professor Kemma Tsujino is associated with the educational management studies, educational administration, and school management theory


Studies in Education of Osaka City University Education Society

Studies in Education of Osaka City University Education Society was first published in 1975 as an academic journal of the Department of Education of the Faculty of Literature at OCU. From Issue 29 (2003), the editorial rules were clearly defined, and a peer review system was introduced. With the inauguration of the Osaka City University Education Society in AY 2011, from Issue 38 the journal was renewed as Issue 1 of Studies in Education of Osaka City University Education Society. It is continuously being published in this form until today.