The Present: Classical and Contemporary Issues in Philosophy of Time
9:00~16:00 26th March 2021 (held via Zoom)

Time Table 
(The following time is JST)

9:00~9:15 Introduction

9:15~10:00  Takeshi Sakon (Osaka City University), “A Cartesian Argument for Absolute Simultaneity”  

10:05~10:50  Patrick Dawson (University of Sydney), “Relativity and the Fickle Present”

10:50~11:05 Short Break

11:05~11:50  David Braddon-Mitchell(University of Sydney), TBA

11:55~12:40 Kunihisa Morita (Osaka University), “A Novel Argument for Fatalism”

12:40~13:30 Lunch Break

13:30~14:15 Kristie Miller (University of Sydney), “Against Phenomenal Illusionism”

14:20~15:05 Andrew James Latham (University of Sydney), TBA

15:05~15:20 Short Break 

15:20~16:05 Akiko Frischhut (Akita International University) & Giuliano Torrengo (University of Milan & Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona ),” Moving spotlight and super-time”

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Attendance at the conference is free, but please register by sending a message to Naoyuki Kajimoto (naoyuki.kajimoto@sydney.edu.au).