Nation,Region and the Politics
of Geography in East Asia


Preface (50Kb) Toshio MIZUUCHI
Geography and Buddhism in
Tsunesaburo Makiguchi’s Thought 
(460Kb) Keiichi TAKEUCHI
Representing Nature and Nation:
National-Land Afforestation Campaign
and the Production of Forest in the 1960’s~1970’s Japan
(880Kb) Koji NAKASHIMA
Development Policies and Spatial Integration
in Japan from 1868 to 1941
(490Kb) Toshio MIZUUCHI
Nationalism,Regionalism,and the Place of the ‘Folklore’ (370Kb) Naoki OSHIRO
Statism,Regionalism,and the (Re)Production of Space
in Socialist China
(1080Kb) George C.S.LIN
Masao Maruyama and Imaginative Geography of the Nation
(Translated by Takashi YAMAZAKI
(670Kb) Sang-Jung KANG