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美濃 正

Researcher Name美濃 正ミノ タダシ
AffiliationOsaka City University
SectionGraduate School of Literature and Human Sciences
  • Master of Literature

Books etc

  • Scientific Realism

    Science and Philosophy -Logic, Physics, Mind and Language Shouwa-dou

  • On Locke and Kant on the Self

    Precursors of German Idealism Koubun-dou

  • Reference and Meaning -On Recent Development of Anti-Fregean Theories of Meaning

    Frontiers of Contemporary Philosophy Keisou-Shobou

  • Recent Works in the Philosophical Theory of Meaning

    Backbones of Contemporary Philosophy Keisou-Shobou

  • Kant and Contemporary Anglo-American Philosophy

    Kant's Philosophy as It Is Sekaishisou-sha

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  • 'The Possibility of Scientific Realism' : An Invited Presentation in the Symposium on Science and Anti-Realism on the 21st Annual Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Society , Japan.


  • 'Scientific Realism' : An Invited Presentation in the Symposium on Scientific Realism on the 1989 Annual Meeting of the Japan Association for Philosophy of Science


  • 'The Problem of Freedom' : An Invited Presentation in the Symposium on Freedom on the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Kansai Philosophical Association


  • Action and Intention -On Causal Theory of Action

    The Bulletin of the Cultural and Natural Sciences in Osaka Gakuin University 25,1-17 -

  • On Prof. Kurosaki on Science and Anti-Realism

    Philosophy of Science (Journal of the Philosophy of Science Society, Japan) 22,13-25 -

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Research Interests

Philosophy, Ethics,

Research Areas

  • Philosophy/Philosophy/Ethics

Research Grants & Projects

  • Study on Action and Freedom

  • Study on Intentionality and Language

  • Cognitive Study on the Frame - Problem in Linguistic Understanding


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