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Researcher Name山崎 雅人ヤマザキ マサト
AffiliationOsaka City University
SectionGraduate School of Literature and Human Sciences, Language and Culture Course
  • Doctor of Literature


  • On the Palatalization of Velars in Modern Chinese-The Manchu Proper Nouns in Daqing Taizong Wenhuangdi Shilu

    Culture 53 (3) 4-

  • On the Consonant Structure of Modern Chinese in terms of Phonological Change

    Chinese Linguistics 237 -

  • On the Palatalization of Velars in Modern Chinese-The Chinese Words in Daqing Taizu Wuhuangdi Shilu of Manchu Text

    Linguistic Research 98 -

  • On the Ordinal Suffixes in the Altaic Languages

    Journal of the Department of Japanese, Tohoku University 1 -

  • On Some Problems of Transliteration of the Jurchen Language by Chinese Characters

    Journal of the Department of Japanese Tohoku University 2,123 -

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Research Areas

  • Linguistics/Linguistics

Research Grants & Projects

  • Study on Manchu

  • Study on Chinese

  • Study on Cognitive Structure of English and Other Languages


  • - : Tohoku University Graduate School, Division of Letters

  • - : Tohoku University Faculty of Literature