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Researcher Name佐伯 大輔サエキ ダイスケ
AffiliationOsaka City University
SectionGraduate School of Literature and Human Sciences, Human Behavioral Sciences Course

Published Papers

  • Three roles of other person who affects rule-governed behavior : Instructor, observer, and mediator

    NAKAMURA Satoshi, SAEKI Daisuke
    Studies in the humanities : Bulletin of the Graduate School of Literature and Human Sciences, Osaka City University 70 229-244

  • A self-control choice paradigm including loss of rewards: Correlation between self-control choice and delay discounting and effects of instruction

    KATAYAMA Aya, SAEKI Daisuke
    Japanese Journal of Behavior Analysis 33 (1) 2-11

  • The effects of living in urban environments on residents' life satisfaction: Findings from two online surveys using a multifaceted urban living environment scale

    MIYAZAKI Genta, SAEKI Daisuke, YADA Naoya, IKEGAMI Tomoko
    The Japanese Journal of Psychology 89 (1) 50-60

  • The determinants of exchange anxiety in close relationships: Upward social comparison and relational mobility

    MIYAZAKI Genta, YADA Naoya, IKEGAMI Tomoko, SAEKI Daisuke
    Japanese Journal of Social Psychology 33 (2) 61-72

  • Sensitivity to pre- and post-reinforcer delays in self-control choice

    Yamaguchi, T., Saeki, D., and Ito, M.
    Behavioural Processes 121 8-12

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Research Areas

  • Psychology/Experimental psychology