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Researcher Name草生久嗣クサブ ヒサツグ
AffiliationOsaka City University
SectionGraduate School of Literature and Human Sciences Philosophy and History Course
  • University of Chicago PhD in History

Academic & Professional Experience

  • - : Professor, Osaka City University

  • - : Associate Professor, Osaka City University

  • - : Adjunct Lecturer, Nara Women's University

  • - : Lecturer, Osaka City University

  • - : Adjunct Lecturer, Osaka University

Published Papers

  • Heresiological Labeling in Ecumenical Networking from the Ninth to Thirteenth Centuries : The Byzantine Oikoumene Reconsidered

    Hisatsugu KUSABU
    Asian Review of World Histories 4 (2) 207-229

  • Romans in Byzantium : A Debated Identity

    草生 久嗣
    西洋中世研究 西洋中世学会 ; 2009- 西洋中世研究 (7) 5-24

  • Comnenian Orthodoxy and Byzantine Heresiology in the Twelfth Century: A Study of the "Panoplia Dogmatica" of Euthymios Zigabenos

    Hisatsugu KUSABU
    University of Chicago

  • Orthodox Identity for Byzantine Theologians, Heresiologists, and 'Inquisitors': A Byzantine View of Popular Faith in the Twelfth Century

    Hisatsugu KUSABU
    Soyang Chungsesa Yongu (The Korean Society for Western Medieval History) 33 121-149

  • Constantine Chrysomallos (1140) in the Byzantine "Heresy" and "Mysiticism"

    草生 久嗣
    エクフラシス : ヨーロッパ文化研究 早稲田大学ヨーロッパ中世・ルネサンス研究所 エクフラシス : ヨーロッパ文化研究 (2) 17-27

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Books etc

  • Communicating Papal Authority in the Middle Ages,edited by Minoru Ozawa, Thomas W. Smith, Georg Strack (forthcoming)


  • Radical Traditionalism, The Influence of Walter Kaegi in Late Antique, Byzantine, and Medieval Studies. Edited by David Olster and Christian Raffenperger (forthcoming)

    Lexington Books

  • New Approaches to the Later Roman Empire, edited by Takeshi Minamikawa

    University of Kyoto

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Intercultural Approach to the De Ceremoniis - A Preliminary project report

    The Forty-Fourth Byzantine Study Conference

  • The Byzantine Manichee: Revisited

    Workshop Byzantine Religious Controversy Revisited

  • "Medieval Heretics" in the East: A Heresiological Label for Bosnian Bogomils/Patarenes in the Thirteenth Centur

  • Byzantine Editors and Publishers: Text, Works, and Reading - A case study of the Dogmatike Panoplia of Euthymios Zigabenus.

    The 23rd International Congress of Byzantine Studies

  • The Bogomil Narration and Heresiologists

    Decoding the Historical Sources on Byzantium

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  • The JSMES Seminar for Young Researchers 2014 : Medieval Iconography of the "(Last) Supper"

    草生 久嗣, 髙田 京比子西洋中世研究 西洋中世学会 ; 2009- 西洋中世研究 (7) 208-210

  • INOUE Koichi and NEZU Yukio (eds), Byzantium, a millenium of cross-cultural contact and symbiosis, Kyoto, 2013

    KUSABU HisatsuguSHIGAKU ZASSHI The Historical Society of Japan SHIGAKU ZASSHI 123 (11) 2024-2030

  • Malcolm D.Lambert, Medieval Heresy: Popular movements from Bogomil to Hus, 1st edition: New York,1977;Id.,Medieval Heresy: Popular movements from the Gregorian Reform to the Reformation, 2nd edition: Oxford, 1992, 3rd edition:Oxford, 2002.

    HISATSUGU KUSABU紀要 藤女子大学キリスト教文化研究所 紀要 12 109-116

  • Joint section

    福山 佑子, 草生 久嗣, 向井 伸哉歴史学研究 青木書店 歴史学研究 (874) 48-53

Research Interests

Medieval Authorship and Editorship , Heresiology, Sociology of Religion, History of Religion , Medieval History,

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Research Areas

  • History/History of Europe and America

  • History/History of Europe and America

Association Memberships

  • Collegium Mediterranistarum

  • Japan Society for Medieval European Studies

  • Kwansai Byzantine Historians Society

  • Japan Association for Byzantine Studies

  • International Association for Byzantine Studies

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Research Grants & Projects

  • Editing Book Collection in the Medieval East Mediterranean

    JSPS : Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)  Study duration : - Representative name : Hisatsugu KUSABU


  • - : The University of Chicago Division of Social Sciences Department of History

  • - : The University of Tokyo Graduate School in the Humanities and Sociology

  • - : The University of Tsukuba