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Chinese Linguistics and Sinology

We take a systematic approach to the study of Chinese literature, language, and culture, aiming to train specialized researchers and professionals with a high level of expertise rooted in a broad background in Chinese studies.

Our full-time faculty members provide highly specialized guidance in areas including classical literature centered on Song and Tang poetry, phonological history with a focus on early modern Chinese from the Song dynasty onward, and contemporary Chinese culture with a focus on film. Leading researchers are also invited from outside the university as guest lecturers covering a range of related fields.

If you are considering to do your postgraduate study, please feel free to contact the faculty staff by email.

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Professor Shinmin Chou (Zhang Xinmin)
(Chinese Cultural Studies)
Specializing in contemporary Chinese cultural theory and film studies, he has recently been studying the ways in which the social status of film was constructed in early Chinese cinema. He also studies films from what are referred to as lunxianqu (“Japanese-occupied territories”), i.e., areas such as Shanghai and North China during the Second Sino–Japanese War.
Professor Koji Oiwamoto
(Chinese Language)
His research focuses on ancient Chinese character dictionaries. He has long held an interest in reconstructing the sounds of the ancient Chinese language using character dictionaries as clues for exploring this topic. He would like to continue his research on materials that can provide clues in the study of phonological history, materials for elementary education that use the characters themselves as the subject of writing, and books that have encyclopedia-like features.
Associate Professor Mirai Takahashi
(Chinese Literature)
Research on Tang dynasty literature, particularly the literature and life of the poet Du Mu, who was active in the late Tang dynasty. In addition to interpreting the works of Du Mu, Professor Takahashi’s research examines the relationship between his literary works and the ideas found in his commentaries on Sun Tzu, as well as his attitude towards the political changes of the time. The Professor’s other research focuses on examining the usage and changes over time in the various slang words used in poetry during the Tang and Song dynasties.


Journal of Chinese Studies The Department of Chinese Linguistics and Sinology has organized the Osaka City University Society of Chinese Studies, whose membership mainly comprised graduates of the department. The society publishes the peer-reviewed journal Journal of Chinese Studies (first published in 1986) on an annual basis. The journal was awarded the Rohoku Prize in 2002 in recognition of its achievements.

Work with Academic Societies

The Osaka City University Society of Chinese Studies is held twice a year in July and December, consisting of undergraduate and postgraduate students, graduates, faculty members, and former faculty members.