Studies in Urban Culture, vol. IV

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Original Articles
Izumi(和泉) as a place with Miyako — an Element which Constitutes the “Izumi Gen(和泉監)” — Keita ENDO 2-10
Tourism in Okinawa and Imaginative Geographies in the Pre war Era Koji KANDA 11-27
The Derwy School’s Experiment in Coping with Urbanization and Industrialization — The Characteristics of Teaching Practices from the View point of the Visitor — Hisayoshi MORI 28-43
A Psychological Approach to the Problem of Bicycles Illegally Parked on Pavements Daisuke SAEKI
Masato ITO
A Theoretical investigation of Two Japanese Landscape Concepts, 風景 Fukei and 景観 Keikan, and the Application to the Interpretation of Kenji Nakagami’s `Roji` Tsukasa WAKAMATSU 56-72
Oaths at Assemblies in the Languedoc in the Middle Ages Nobutada ZUSHI 73-86
Port Control in Osaka Bay through the Power of the Miyoshi Family Tadayuki AMANO 87-97
Behavioral Characteristics of People Living in Urban Areas from Standpoints of Selfishness and Conformity: A Cross-regional Comparison of Osaka and Other Cities Masato ITO,
Daisuke SAEKI
Building a Multi-ethnic Community and its Social Security: The Case of Ethnic Koreans in Japan Yuko NIKAIDO 106-117
The Spatial Structure of German Medieval Port Cities: The Possibility of comparison with the Japanese Medieval City Hiroshi NIKI 118-126
Special Articles
Changing Features in Chinese Shrine Cults around the Song Period Kohichi MATSUMOTO 127-142
News 143-172
Editorial 173
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Studies in Urban Culture, vol. III

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Original Articles
A Report on the Place of the Emperors’ Birthday in the Tang Dynasty: From the Gates to Temples Shoko ANAZAWA 2-33
The Zongfa 宗法 System Made by Huo Tao 霍韜: The Lineage Associations in Confucian Culture Under the Influence of Commercialization and Urbanization Toru INOUE 34-51
A Study of Keisei-Yamauba-Miyakono-Toshidama Kuniko NAWA 52-66
n Development of the Medieval Saga and Ooi River Traffic Takuo OOMURA 67-83
Islam Diversified: Transformation of Malay Ethnic Identity in Contemporary Malaysia Hiroshi TAWADA 84-96
The Modern Metropolis: Can It Exhaust Its Citizens’ Minds and Even Society Itself ? Mihoko WATABE
The Labor Flow and Its Economic Factors in Post-War Okinawa: An Approach to the “Over-Migration Theory” Masahiko KISHI 118-136
Urban Cultures and the Performing Arts 137
Urban Cultures and the Performing Arts in Osaka City Yutsuki KANDA 138-151
Japanese Puppet Shows and Kabuki at the Mansions of Feudal Lords in Edo Hiroko SUZUKI 152-164
Calling on E. Soja: The Latest Frontiers of Spatial / Urban Theory Toshio MIZUUCHI 165
Edward Soja in Postmodern Geographical Turn: Some Reflections on Soja’s Spatial / Urban Theory Masahiro KATO 166-181
Revisiting “Postmodern Geographies” Edward W. SOJA
(trans. by Yumiko NAGAO)
Special Articles
Patrilineal Ideology in the Modern Korean Kinship System: Continuity and Change Mun-Woong LEE
(trans. by Chi-Mi TO)
Yogyakarta and Cultural Tourism I Made BANDEM
(trans. by Toshiko HAYASHI)
The Dynamism of Urban Culture: The Javanese Gamelan Groups in the Kansai Area, Japan Triyono BRAMANTYO
(transl. by Toshiko HAYASHI)
Regional Merchants and the Urban Culture of Jiangnan in the Ming and Qing Dynasties Jinmin FAN
(trans. by Yoshio Matsuda)
Pursuing Possibilities for the Comparative Sociology of Cinematography: The Case of Australia Saeko ISHITA 237-238
News 239-268
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