Studies in Urban Culture, vol. VI

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Original Articles
Sousaku Taiko and Gender: A Discussion on Position of Female Performer Mizuki KUWAHARA 2-17
Contingent Employment and Homelessness Yuuji OHOKURA 18-32
City and Human 33
Establishing Universal Ethics in the Context of Urban Culture:
The Notions of Human Dignity and Moral Autonomy in It? Jinsai’s 伊藤仁齋 Gom? jigi語孟字義 Noboru MIYAZAKI What Is the Multi-Cultural Society ?
Gregor PAUL
( Hiroyuki YAMASAKI)
What Is the Multi-Cultural Society ?: A Comparison between German and Japan Noboru MIYAZAKI 46-57
The City and Religion /Secularization and Globalization in Germany:
A Consideration of the Transformation of Religious Culture
Jan Marc NOTTELMANN 58-71
Theoretical Writings on J?ruri: Thinking about Art in Japanese Puppet Theater History Andreas REGELSBERGER 72-75
Special Articles
Contested Wisdom in Indonesian and Japanese Proverbs: A ?Linguistic-Cultural Mapping Sailal ARIMI 76-101
News 102-117
Editorial 119
Contributors 120

COE,URBAN-CULTURE RESEARCH CENTER Graduate School of Literature and Human Sciences, Osaka City University, Japan Cordially Invites You to The”International School”Program, 27-29 September 2005


Tue.27 Sept
9:30-10:00 “Keynote Speech”
Prof. Dr. Towao SAKAEHARA / Dean of Graduate School of Literature and Human Sciences, Osaka City University, Japan
10:00-12:00 “Japanese Politics and Economy in the Modern Times”
Prof. Dr. Manfred Pohl / Asien-Afrika-Institut, Universitat Hamburg, Germany
13:00-16:00 “Orality and Literacy in Medieval France”
Nobutada ZUSHI (COE Fellow and PhD Candidade, Western History)“Sprach- und Literaturkultur: Am Beispiel der deutschsprachigen Schweiz in der Zeit der Reformation”
Norikazu TAHARA (COE Fellow and PhD Candidade, German Literature)
Wed.28 Sept.
10:00-12:00 “Migration and Cross-Cultural Issues”
Senior Lecturer, Dr. Rogelia PE-PUA / Head of School of Social Science and Policy, The University of New South Wales, Australia
13:00-16:00 “In Search for a New Form of Ethnic Relations: Korean Residents and Japanese Residents in Osaka”
Dr. Yuko NIKAIDO (COE Postdoctoral Fellow, Sociology)“Attitudes toward Different Cultures in Japan, Germany, and United Kingdom: Applying the Terror Management Theory”
Yuriko MUKAI (COE Fellow and PhD Candidade, Psychology)

“How Wadaiko (Japanese Drum) Is Being Accepted in USA”
Mizuki KUWAHARA (PhD Candidade, School of Asian Culture and Urbanism)

29 Sept.
10:00-12:00 “Urban Society and Conflict among Religious Groups in the Early Modern Times”
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Alexander M. VESEY / Stonehill University, USA
13:00-16:00 “A ‘Gakujin (Gagaku Musicians)’ Group of Shiten-noji Temple in the Early Modern Times”
Tatsuhiro YAMASAKI (PhD Candidade, Japanese History)“The Structure of a ‘Kawatamura’ Community in the Early Modern Times”
Satoko MITA (MA Student, Japanese History)

“Image of the Last Judgement in Post-Byzantine Art”

Miaki HAYAKAWA (PhD Candidade, Western History)


China Project Joint Workshop on Urbanity, Urban Change and Governance in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Osaka

Date: 23rd and 24th August, 2005
Place: Room 355, Graduate School of Literature and Human sciences, Osaka City University
23rd (Wed.) August,
Chairperson; 231-232 TANG, 233-235 NAKAO, 236-237 CHEN
930-945 Opening Address
SAKAEHARA Towao (Dean, Osaka city University)
YAMANO Masahiko (Director of UCRC)
MIZUUCHI Toshio and NAKAO Katsumi (Head of JSPS program and director of UCRC in China, and head of Shanghai sub-center of UCRC)
945-1030 231 NING Yuemin (East China Normal University):
Current Trends in Chinese Urban Studies
(in English)
1030-1115 232 WEN Jun (East China Normal University):
Migrant Laborers in Shanghai since the 1980’s
(in Chinese with Japanese resume)
Coffee break
1135-1220 233 CHEN Ying Fan (East China Normal University):
“Penghu-Qu (The Shanty Area in Shanghai)”; Life Histories in Their Memory
(in Japanese with Chinese resume)
Lunch Break
1345-1430 234 LIN Tuo (East China Normal University):
The Reorganization and Readjustment of Living Space of the Lower Class People in the Process of Urban Renewal in Shanghai
(in Chinese with Japanese resume)
1430-1515 235 DA Liangjun (East China Normal University):
The Environmental Transition and the Present Condition of Urban Ecology in Shanghai
(in Japanese with Chinese resume)
Coffee break
1535-1620 236 NAKAOKA Miyuki (Osaka City University)
The Urban Development in Global City Shanghai: Focusing on the Rising Housing Price as a Social Problem
(in Chinese)
1620-1705 237 NISHIBE Hitoshi (Osaka City University)
The Review of Japanese Documents about Modern Shanghai before 1945
(in English)
At an Okinawan Restaurant with music and dancing at Taisho Ward
24th (Thr.) August,
Chairperson; 241-242 NAKAO, 243-244 NING, 245-247 MIZUUCHI
1030-1115 241 MIZUUCHI Toshio (Osaka City University)
The Socio-political Context of Japanese Housing Policies for Slum and Squatter Dwellers after 1945
(in English)
1115-1200 242 MOTOOKA Takuya (Osaka City University)
Formation and clearance of “Barrack” town in Postwar Japanese city
(in English)
Lunch Break
1330-1415 243 TANG Wing-Shing (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Power, Space and (Re)Development: A Research Agenda
(in English)
1415-1500 244 WONG Kit Ping Tammy and TANG Wing-Shing (Hong Kong Baptist University)
The Production of Prescriptive Space in Urban Redevelopment: The case of Hong Kong
(in English)
Coffee break
1520-1605 245 MAN Pui-Yee Iris and TANG Wing-Shing (Hong Kong Baptist University)
The Government of Public Streets: The case of Hong Kong
(in English)
1605-1630 246 CHAN Kim-Ching TANG Wing-Shing (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Time-space analysis of the use of a pedestrianised street in Hong Kong
(in English with showing video film)
1630-1715 247 YAMAGUCHI Susumu (Osaka City University)
Controlling the public space: The case of “Heaven Artists” in Tokyo and street dancers in OCAT, Osaka
(in English)
At a Korean Restaurant nearby
Co-sponsored by
Urban Culture Research Center (21st Century COE programs), OCU
Department of Geography, Osaka City University

Funded by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences fund for fiscal 2005
Name of program: “The construction of self-reliance support system for the aged singleton, homeless people and housing poor in the advanced capitalist East Asia regions” (project number; 16401025);
and COE program in UCRC, Osaka City University;

Studies in Urban Culture, vol. V

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Original Articles
Kant’s Eyes at the Frontier Enlightenment City, Konigsberug : Reconsideration of Kant’s Physical Geography Jio HOJO 2-15
Why does Godzilla destroy Cities? Masahide TABATA 16-29
A spatial analysis of the early modern town of Kaizuka with a particular focus on the tax-exempt lands of Bokuhan house retainers. Kunihiko TODA 30-45
Establishment of Legitimacy : How could Yuan Mei袁枚 acquire social prestige in Su Zhou蘇州 ? Biao WANG 46-61
Tendencies of Criminal Types in Newspapers in the Early Meiji Period Hiroaki MATSUNAGA 62-71
Special Articles
Zhen(鎮) Society in premodern China as revealed in the Records of Temples: Nanxun南潯 zhen in the Southern Song宋 period Takashi SUE 72-83
Overseas Report
A Long History of the Medieval Manuscript in the British Library Collection entitled “Inquisition of Toulouse” Nobutada ZUSHI (London) 84-87
News 88-114
Editorial 115
Contributors 116

Studies in Urban Culture, vol. IV

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Original Articles
Izumi(和泉) as a place with Miyako — an Element which Constitutes the “Izumi Gen(和泉監)” — Keita ENDO 2-10
Tourism in Okinawa and Imaginative Geographies in the Pre war Era Koji KANDA 11-27
The Derwy School’s Experiment in Coping with Urbanization and Industrialization — The Characteristics of Teaching Practices from the View point of the Visitor — Hisayoshi MORI 28-43
A Psychological Approach to the Problem of Bicycles Illegally Parked on Pavements Daisuke SAEKI
Masato ITO
A Theoretical investigation of Two Japanese Landscape Concepts, 風景 Fukei and 景観 Keikan, and the Application to the Interpretation of Kenji Nakagami’s `Roji` Tsukasa WAKAMATSU 56-72
Oaths at Assemblies in the Languedoc in the Middle Ages Nobutada ZUSHI 73-86
Port Control in Osaka Bay through the Power of the Miyoshi Family Tadayuki AMANO 87-97
Behavioral Characteristics of People Living in Urban Areas from Standpoints of Selfishness and Conformity: A Cross-regional Comparison of Osaka and Other Cities Masato ITO,
Daisuke SAEKI
Building a Multi-ethnic Community and its Social Security: The Case of Ethnic Koreans in Japan Yuko NIKAIDO 106-117
The Spatial Structure of German Medieval Port Cities: The Possibility of comparison with the Japanese Medieval City Hiroshi NIKI 118-126
Special Articles
Changing Features in Chinese Shrine Cults around the Song Period Kohichi MATSUMOTO 127-142
News 143-172
Editorial 173
Contributors 174

Studies in Urban Culture, vol. III

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Original Articles
A Report on the Place of the Emperors’ Birthday in the Tang Dynasty: From the Gates to Temples Shoko ANAZAWA 2-33
The Zongfa 宗法 System Made by Huo Tao 霍韜: The Lineage Associations in Confucian Culture Under the Influence of Commercialization and Urbanization Toru INOUE 34-51
A Study of Keisei-Yamauba-Miyakono-Toshidama Kuniko NAWA 52-66
n Development of the Medieval Saga and Ooi River Traffic Takuo OOMURA 67-83
Islam Diversified: Transformation of Malay Ethnic Identity in Contemporary Malaysia Hiroshi TAWADA 84-96
The Modern Metropolis: Can It Exhaust Its Citizens’ Minds and Even Society Itself ? Mihoko WATABE
The Labor Flow and Its Economic Factors in Post-War Okinawa: An Approach to the “Over-Migration Theory” Masahiko KISHI 118-136
Urban Cultures and the Performing Arts 137
Urban Cultures and the Performing Arts in Osaka City Yutsuki KANDA 138-151
Japanese Puppet Shows and Kabuki at the Mansions of Feudal Lords in Edo Hiroko SUZUKI 152-164
Calling on E. Soja: The Latest Frontiers of Spatial / Urban Theory Toshio MIZUUCHI 165
Edward Soja in Postmodern Geographical Turn: Some Reflections on Soja’s Spatial / Urban Theory Masahiro KATO 166-181
Revisiting “Postmodern Geographies” Edward W. SOJA
(trans. by Yumiko NAGAO)
Special Articles
Patrilineal Ideology in the Modern Korean Kinship System: Continuity and Change Mun-Woong LEE
(trans. by Chi-Mi TO)
Yogyakarta and Cultural Tourism I Made BANDEM
(trans. by Toshiko HAYASHI)
The Dynamism of Urban Culture: The Javanese Gamelan Groups in the Kansai Area, Japan Triyono BRAMANTYO
(transl. by Toshiko HAYASHI)
Regional Merchants and the Urban Culture of Jiangnan in the Ming and Qing Dynasties Jinmin FAN
(trans. by Yoshio Matsuda)
Pursuing Possibilities for the Comparative Sociology of Cinematography: The Case of Australia Saeko ISHITA 237-238
News 239-268
Editorial 269
Contributors 270

Studies in Urban Culture, vol. II

Original Articles
A Study of Urban Community Schools during the German New Education Movement, Focusing on B. Otto’s Educational Concepts Yukako NAITO 2‐13
The Eye-Opening Ceremony of the Great Bronze Buddha at Todaiji Temple and Its Political Significance Towao SAKAEHARA 14‐27
John Barth and Baltimore: Urbanism and Localism in His Metafictions Yukio TAKESHITA 28‐38
The Structure of the Uwani Ship Group of the 19th Century Mitajiri Area of Suou Country Souichi YAMASHITA 39‐55
The Port City, Hangzhou: City Evolution at the Coast of China and the East Asian Sea Area in the 9th-10th Centuries Satoshi YAMAZAKI 56‐71
Forms of Urban Intellectual Society: Mainly in Soochow, Yangchow, and Nanking in the Middle of Qing Dynasty Biao WANG 72‐89
TSUNETOU Kyo’s “Cultured Nation”and “Cultured City”after the Second World war Tadahide HIROKAWA 90‐100
Behavioral Characteristics of People of Osaka and the Problem of Bicycles Illegally Parked on the Pavement: A Cross-Regional Comparison Masato ITO
Daisuke SAEKI
Spatial Structure and Residential Segregation in Modern Osaka Toshio MIZUUCHI 112‐131
Special Articles
Research and Perspective of the Lower Strata of Society in Chinese Cities Yingfang CHEN
( Katsumi NAKAO)
Shimazaki Toson: Making Home in Modern World Stephen DODD
Portraiture of the Flourishing City Culture of Su Zhou: “The Portrayal of the Prosperity of Gu Su” Jinmin FAN
( Shigeki IWAI)
Principal Historical Sources on Chang-an in the Tang Dynasty Deyong XIN
Comment on XIN sunobu MATSUMOTO 187‐188
Overseas Report
Some Aspects of Tourism in Indonesia KANDA 189‐191
News 192‐216
Editorial 217
Contributors 218


Studies in Urban Culture, vol. I

Foreword Hiroyuki SAKAGUCHI 2
Introduction to the Project Hiroyuki SAKAGUCHI 3‐10
Original Articles
A Study on the Project Method in Urban Elementary Schools: A Comparison with an Experiment in Rural Schools Xi CHEN 11‐22
Changes of Japanese Modern Values and Religious Consciousness Satoru KANEKO 23‐35
The Secret Societies in Jena Hiroshi KITAHARA 36‐49
Denial and Acceptance of Different Cultures: Terror Management Theory Yuriko MUKAI 50‐65
The Extension of New Education Movement from Urban Areas to the Country in Modern China: Focusing on the Educational Practice of Xingzhi Tao in Xiaozhuang Schoo Shusheng SONG 66‐77
The Creation of a Music Culture in Vienna through Schubert hiro TAJIMA 78‐89
Changes in Schooling and Urbanization in Early 20th Century Osaka Hisaki TOYODA 90‐103
The Significance of the Existence of the “Touyaku-donya” and the “Yakusyu-nakagai” Guilds Dealing with Raw Herbs: Examination of Opinions on the Establishment of the “Wayaku-aratame kaisyo” Facility Sachiko WATANABE 104‐123
For History of Socio-Cultural Structure in Cities Takashi TSUKADA 124‐142
Comments on TSUKADA Towao SAKAEHARA,
Hiroshi NIKI,
Koichi INOUE,
Shigeki HIRATA,
Visiting Scholars
Prof. Jinmin FAN Toru INOUE 151‐154
Overseas Report
Hamburg Hiroshi NIKI 155‐156
Shanghai Koji OOIWAMOTO 157
Yogyakarta Saeko ISHITA 158‐160
Kuala Lumpur Hiroshi TAWADA 161‐163
Hamburg Keiko OSAWA 164‐165
Hamburg Tomohiro TAKANASHI 166‐169
News 170‐194
Editorial 195
Contributors 196
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