International Seminar: Collective Inhabited Areas in Environmental history / Environmental writings

開催日時13:00-18:00, 17 Feburary 2017
会場Meeting Room, Tanaka Memorial Hall
3-3-138 Sugimoto, Sumiyoshi-ku 558-8585 Osaka-shi
主催Graduate School of Literature and Human Sciences, Osaka City University



  • Moderator

Prof. Dr. Masafumi Kitamura (Osaka City University)

  • Opening Remarks

Prof. Dr. Masafumi Kitamura (Osaka City University)

  • Report

Dr. Frank Uekötter (University of Birmingham)
“The Power of the Water System: Towards a Global History of the Water Closet”

Dr. Akio Kaibara (Osaka City University)
“Monks and the Desert in Western Thebes from the Sixth to the Eighth Century”

Dr. Ayuka Kasuga (Osaka City University)
“Polluters’ Struggles and the Smoke Abatement Discourse in early-Nineteenth Century England”

Dr. Kazuki Okauchi (Osaka City University)
“Dreaming of ‘Uninhabited’ Areas? National Parks and Nature Parks in Modern Germany and Japan”

  • Discussion

Discussion will be held in English and Japanese, with the support of an interpreter.




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