COE Weeks September 26 – october 7

What are ‘COE WEEKS’?

Here at Osaka City University’s Graduate School of Literature and Human Sciences 21st Century Center of Excellence Project, ‘Studies in the Humanities for the Development of Urban Cultural Creativity’, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of launching this research focus, we are holding a series of events (see schedule below) that includes an international symposium, an international school, public lectures, and an arts festival. Our goal in this program is to further deepen urban culture research and make suggestions for urban expansion through the promotion of culture, based on the research and educational achievements of this COE project to date.

in conjunction with COE WEEKS, we will also be presenting a lecture on Kamigata culture, “Bunraku Puppet Play: ‘Courier from the Land of the Dead’ “, and international symposia on “Capitalistic Urbanism and People in East Asian Cities” and “Historical Heritage and Urban-cultural Creativity IV”. We are inviting the active participation of everyone, both inside and outside the university community.


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