International Symposium for COE Program at UCRC, Osaka City University Towards the Construction of Urban Cultural Theories

Date March 18, 2006 13:00-17:30
March 19, 2006 10:00-17:15
Venue Common Education Building 811 of Osaka City University
Admission free / No appointment necessary
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Part I March 18 : Language used : English
Title: “Plural and Cosmopolitan Culture in Asian Cities”
Anthony Reid (National University of Singapore )
The Cosmopolitan City as an Asian Maritime Tradition
Takeshi Hamashita (Kyoto University)
Historical Transformation of Coastal Urban City Networks in the East China Sea Zone
Shin Nakagawa (Osaka City University)
Dynamics of the Creation of Urban Culture in Southeast Asia in the Globalized Era
* Commentator — Shunji Oguro (Osaka city University)
Part 2 March 19: Language used : Japanese
Title:”Basic Studies for the Creation of Urban Culture – Plural Analysis and Resource Making”
< First session >
Hiroshi Niki (Osaka City University)
Urban Space and Cultural Formation in Pre-modern Japan
Takeshi Ito (University of Tokyo)
Urbanity, Spatiality and Culture
Xin Deyong (Peking University)
Public Communication on the Street in the Cities of the Qing Dynasty
< Second session >
Wing Shing Tang (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Chinese Urbanism Today: la revolution urbaine?
Masahiko Yamano (Osaka City University)
Interpretation and Reconstruction of Urban Landscape: As Viewed from Cultural-political Geography
Yasumasa Sekine (Japan Women’s University)
On an Anthropology of the Street
< Third session >
Hirohisa Mori (Osaka City University)
Geographical Information Processing for Cultural Resources
Kohei Kono (University of Tokyo)
Advertisement Records the “Ideal” of Urban Culture: A Case Study of Early TV Commercial Films
General discussion

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