Studies in Urban Culture, vol. I

Foreword Hiroyuki SAKAGUCHI 2
Introduction to the Project Hiroyuki SAKAGUCHI 3‐10
Original Articles
A Study on the Project Method in Urban Elementary Schools: A Comparison with an Experiment in Rural Schools Xi CHEN 11‐22
Changes of Japanese Modern Values and Religious Consciousness Satoru KANEKO 23‐35
The Secret Societies in Jena Hiroshi KITAHARA 36‐49
Denial and Acceptance of Different Cultures: Terror Management Theory Yuriko MUKAI 50‐65
The Extension of New Education Movement from Urban Areas to the Country in Modern China: Focusing on the Educational Practice of Xingzhi Tao in Xiaozhuang Schoo Shusheng SONG 66‐77
The Creation of a Music Culture in Vienna through Schubert hiro TAJIMA 78‐89
Changes in Schooling and Urbanization in Early 20th Century Osaka Hisaki TOYODA 90‐103
The Significance of the Existence of the “Touyaku-donya” and the “Yakusyu-nakagai” Guilds Dealing with Raw Herbs: Examination of Opinions on the Establishment of the “Wayaku-aratame kaisyo” Facility Sachiko WATANABE 104‐123
For History of Socio-Cultural Structure in Cities Takashi TSUKADA 124‐142
Comments on TSUKADA Towao SAKAEHARA,
Hiroshi NIKI,
Koichi INOUE,
Shigeki HIRATA,
Visiting Scholars
Prof. Jinmin FAN Toru INOUE 151‐154
Overseas Report
Hamburg Hiroshi NIKI 155‐156
Shanghai Koji OOIWAMOTO 157
Yogyakarta Saeko ISHITA 158‐160
Kuala Lumpur Hiroshi TAWADA 161‐163
Hamburg Keiko OSAWA 164‐165
Hamburg Tomohiro TAKANASHI 166‐169
News 170‐194
Editorial 195
Contributors 196
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