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Session I From Archeology to Public Areas
Chair: Fujita Kiyohiro
An attempt of Archaeology with GIS Takao Uno 6
Study on the Architecture of Spatial Information Archaeology Lun Wu 8
Reflection on the Application of
GIS in Archaeological Research of Chinese Ancient Ceramics
Daming Wang 11
The Method and Practice for the cooperation of
Museum and the School Education with the WEB-GIS Database
Kazutaka Kawano 14
Development of Tokyo Metropolitan Welfare Map database Fujita Haruhiro 18
Session II GIS Expanding to Society– Move toward the Real World
Chair: Mori Hirohisa
Application of hyper-layering architecture to SVG and its standardization Satoru TAKAGI 22
Toward Promotion of g-Life Tetsuya Sakashita 24
Current Trend of Satellite Positioning Technology Sumio Usui 30
Activity of geographic information service in NPO and regional communications teruo kunisi 32
Session III The City Expressed– New Possibilities of GIS
Chair: Watanabe Yasuichi
Heian Jinbutsu-Shi Database Hirohisa Mori 35
Digital Archive of Soundscape as Geogoraphical Information Shin Nakagawa 39
From Invisible City to Discoverable City Chikahiro Hanamura 42
The Divided City of Osaka Illustrated by GIS Mapping:
As a Tool for Empowering Municipal Body and Citizens
Toshio Mizuuchi 44