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Statement of Purpose NIKI Hiroshi 1
urvey Research Reports
Activating the Whole Structure is a Bridge to the Future? Past, Present, and Future of Gifu City UCHIBORI Nobuo 5
Surrounding Dike and Current Circumstances of Kanazawa, a Castle Town MASUDA Tatsuo 25
Elucidation of Kyoto’s Surrounding Dike and Town Planning? Activities of the Surrounding Dike Research Association NAKAMURA Takeo 49
Contemporary Italy ? City Wall and Communality? Cases of Lucca, Citta Derra, and Bologna OOGURO Syunji 63
Historical Legacy of the Castle Town and Town Planning in Osaka KITAGAWA Hisashi 93
Historical Legacy as Added Value That Enhances Local Creativity TSUTSUMI Michiaki 107
Discussion 109