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Keynote Speech Towao SAKAEHARA 1
Part 1 Comparative Studies on Urban Cultures
A More Prominent Role for the Japanese Prime Minister?:
Some Observations from Germany
Manfred POHL 4
Swearing Fealty and the Role of Documents in Thirteenth-Century Languedoc Nobutada ZUSHI 9
Zur Verwendung des Schweizerhochdeutschen seit der Reformation Norikazu TAHARA 19
Part 2 Comparative Studies on Urban Societies
Migration and Cross-Cultural Issues Rogelia PE-PUA 30
In Search for a New Form of Ethnic Relationship:
Korean and Japanese Residents in Osaka, Japan
Attitudes toward Different Cultures in Japan, Germany, and United Kingdom:
From the Perspective of Terror Management Theory
Yuriko MUKAI 65
How Wadaiko is Being Accepted in USA Mizuki KUWAHARA 78
Part 3 Comparative Studies on Urban Histories
Early Modern Japanese Urban Society and Competition between Religious Group Alexander M. VESEY 88
The “Gakujin” Musicians of Shitenno-ji Temple in Early Modern Japan Tatsuhiro YAMASAKI 98
The Social Structure of “Kawatamura” Village Communities in Early Modern Japan Satoko MITA 108
Image of the Last Judgment in Post-Byzantine Art Miaki HAYAKAWA 117