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Forward 1
List of Authors 2
Chapter 1? Thoughts on Comparing China’s ‘Research Style Education’ and Japan’s ‘General Education Period’ 4
Chapter 2? Comparative Research on China’s ‘Research Style Education’ and Japan’s ‘General Education Period’ 10
Chapter 3? Antecedents of General Studies Education in Japan and Issues Related to the ‘General Education Period’ 25
Chapter 4? Development of the General Studies Curriculum in Japan? Establishing the ‘General Education Period’ and Issues Surrounding It in Urban Schools 33
Chapter 5? Using Media in General Studies 47
Chapter 6? Development of Basic School Curriculum Supported By Enterprises, Guardians, Citizen Volunteers and Local Residents 59
Chapter 7? Survey and Analysis of Research Style Education in Mainland China High Schools 74
Chapter 8? Practical Tasks and Theoretical Investigation in Research Style Education in Shanghai 91
Chapter 9? ‘Exploratory Education’ and the Path of Exploration? the Case of Jing’an No. 1 Central Primary School 121
Chapter 10? Case Study of Implementation of Exploratory Education in Middle Schools- the Example of Shanghai’s Wenlai Middle School 136
Chapter 11? From Productive Labor to Research Style Education? Historical Inklings of the Development of General Practical Activity Subjects 143