Forward YAMAGUCHI Hisakazu 1‐8
Debating the Idea of ‘Equality’ Among the Intellectuals of the May Fourth Movement? Principally the New Youth Faction GAO Ruiquan 9-42
The Spiritual Dilemma of Modern Chinese Intellectuals Seen Through the Religious Views of CHEN Duxiu ZHANG Xiaolin 43‐83
First Exploration of Turning Point of Views of the Individual in Early Modern China? Yang Fu and Liang Jingchao LIU Xiaohong 85-109
Early Modern Portents and Discouragements? Thought and Behavior of Intellectuals in the Middle Qing Period YAMAGUCHI Hisakazu 111-134
The Life Space of a Rusticated Official in East Zhejiang at the End of the Qing Period? Based on Zhao Mandang’s Diary (1865-71) WANG Biao 135-172
Gu Hongmin’s Theory of Eastern and Western Culture? A Commanding View of Eastern and Western Culture KAWASHIRI Fumihiko 173-202
Relationship Between Urban Public Spaces and Political Culture? Li Da’s Thought and Works Before 1911 JIN Rongdong 203-232
A Reevaluation of Wen Mingxi’s Historical Role MATSUURA Tsuneo 233-304
‘Trekking’ GAO Ruiquan 305-307