Forward Editorial Committee 1
Part One The Color and Music of Cities
The Color Sense of the Japanese and the Chinese LIN Lanjuan 5
Colors of the Home Place? Self and Other in Lu Xun’s “My Old Home” and Dazai Osamu’s “Tsugaru” LI Ruifang 13
Vienna and Music? Schubert’s “Wandering” TAJIMA Akihiro 23
St. Petersburg and Music? About the Opera “The Queen of Spades” ASAOKA Nobuhiko 33
Synesthesia of Color and Sound SAKAI Hideki 45
Part Two Cities and Cinema and Theater
Harbor Cities’ Cinema? the Cases of Osaka and Hamburg Miriam ROHDE 55
Kawachiya Yohee’s Dream in Chikamatsu Monzaemon’s The Woman Killer and the Hell of Oil (Onnagoroshi Abura Jigoku) YUASA Masako 69
Kawatake Mokuami and the Geography of Crime in Meiji Period Kabuki Alan CUMMINGS 79
Shanghai and Early Chinese Cinema? The ‘Evil City’ of Shanghai as Portrayed in ‘Modern Drama Films’ of the 1920s ZHANG Xinmin 87
Changing the World through Films? Kurosawa Akira TSUZUKI Masaaki 97
Part Three Cities and Dreams and Illusions
Visions of Life and Death? Death City? Bruges and City of Death TABATA Masahide 107
City Dwellers’ Lost Dreams? The Forest as Setting in Grimm’s Fairy Tales KUNIAKI Keiko 115
Strange World Within? ‘Forest’ and ‘Town’ in Thiek’s Fairy Tales USAMI Mie 127
Face of the City in Utopian Novels of the Enlightenment? from Tissot de Patot (1) KONISHI Yoshiyuki 137
Face of the City in Utopian Novels of the Enlightenment? from Tissot de Patot (2) SUZUKITA Kenji 145
On Being a Provincial Ian Richards 153
Being a Provincial(In Japanese) Ian Richards
(Japanese Translation of the Above by SAKAI Takashi and TAKESHITA Sachio)
Athens? The Face of the City Seen through the Comedy Lysistrata TANGE Kazuhiko 165
Part Four Fiction and Reality of the City
Cities and The Media TAKANASHI Tomohiro 179
Fictional and Realistic Qualities in Puppet Plays? Kleist and Chikamatsu on Puppet Plays Andreas REGELSBERGER 185
Ki no Kaion’s Thought? The Nature of an Early Modern Man of Letters NAWA Kuniko 191
The Celtic Revival Movement and Urban Culture? On Yeats’ National Myths YAMAZAKI Hiroyuki 201
Kunikida Doppo? Land of No Return Stephen DODD 213
Editorial Afterword
Cities and Creative Encounters SHIBAHARA Kouji 221