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Original Articles
Urban-rural Differences in the Pattern of Interpersonal Relationships: Analysis of Friendships and a Resource Gaining Strategy. Genta MIYAZAKI,
Self-esteem and Acceptance of Foreigners: From the Surveys in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan Yuriko MUKAI 20-33
Educational Promotion and Elites in a Local City in Song China: A Case Study of Xinchang Prefecture Tomoya YAMAGUCHI 34-53
The Relationship between the Circulation Structure and the Regime in Kinai during the Warring States Period Tadayuki AMANO 54-69
Can Landscape Studies in Geography be available as Social Critics?: The 1930’s Days of Taro TSUJIMURA, Kenji ISHIHARA and Mantaro KIDO, who took Interdisciplinary Approaches Hitoshi NISHIBE 70-85
Shaoxing Shiye: Those who had Abandoned Ascending Promotional Ladder Hisakazu YAMAGUCHI 86-97
The Representation of Seoul in Movies: The Case of Korean Cinema after 1996 Insil YANG 98-117
The Position of Tachiyaku and Jitsuaku on Kamigata-Kabuki: the Core of Nakayama-Shinkuro the first Nao YOTSUMOTO 118-131
Special Articles
The Cities and the Water in the Late Medieval Castle (Las ciudades y el agua en la Castilla bajomedieval) Maria Isabel DEL VAL VALDIVIDSO
(tr. by Shima OHARA and Motoki MURAKAMI)
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