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Original Articles
Possibility and Problems when Making “the Kyoto Prefectural Library and Archives” into Digital Archives Makoto GOTO 2-15
A Case Study of Pupils’-Assessment Ability’s Transfiguration Makoto HIROSE 16-31
The Strategy of Public Art: a Case Study of Sound Art Shin NAKAGAWA 32-45
The Management, Administration and Tasks of Convention Centers in Japan: The Osaka International Convention Center as an Example Keum-hyang KIM 46-59
International Trade Network Surrounding the Ancient City of Naniwa Towao SAKAEHARA 60-71
A Study of Childcare Patterns of Chinese Families in Japan: Through a Case Study of a Chinese Family Living in Kansai Yang ZHENG 72-87
Special Articles
Ishibashi Soundscape: Investigating the Soundscape of Urban Japan Jacob KREUTZFELD 88-99
Book Review
On Reading Social Cohesion in Early Modern Cities of East Asia? the Forms of Various Ranks and Classes by Inoue Toru and Tsukada Takashi? Was There a Difference in ‘Social Mobility’? Kohei WAKIMURA 100-109
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