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Original Articles
Constantinople and Relics: The Adventus Ceremony of the Image of Edessa in 944 Koichi INOUE 2-19
The Warlords’ Formation in the Hanzhou Cities and the Area Reorganization for the Last Years of Tang Dynasty Satoshi YAMAZAKI 20-33
The Function of Kamagasaki (Yoseba) in the Port Shipping Industry between the 1950s and 1960s Takeshi HARAGUCHI 34-49
Cultural Policy: the Heaven Artist Program in Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Modern Urban Space Susumu YAMAGUCHI 50-62
Overseas Scholarly Trends on the History of Chinese Cities 63
Three Problems on Writing History of Shanghai Urban Social Life Hang QIAN
(tr. by T. INOUE)
American Scholarship on Chinese Cities Liping WANG
(tr. by S. TAKAHATA)
Chinese Urban History in Four Lights Shunji OGURO 83-85
Special Articles
Irie Taikichi and the Age of KOGEISHA in Prewar Osaka-Japan 1925-1938: Focusing on Related Materials of UEDA CAMERA Co., and a Few Newly Discovered Historical Sources Naoto OGAWA 86-101
News 102-112
Editorial 113
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