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Original Articles
Sousaku Taiko and Gender: A Discussion on Position of Female Performer Mizuki KUWAHARA 2-17
Contingent Employment and Homelessness Yuuji OHOKURA 18-32
City and Human 33
Establishing Universal Ethics in the Context of Urban Culture:
The Notions of Human Dignity and Moral Autonomy in It? Jinsai’s 伊藤仁齋 Gom? jigi語孟字義 Noboru MIYAZAKI What Is the Multi-Cultural Society ?
Gregor PAUL
( Hiroyuki YAMASAKI)
What Is the Multi-Cultural Society ?: A Comparison between German and Japan Noboru MIYAZAKI 46-57
The City and Religion /Secularization and Globalization in Germany:
A Consideration of the Transformation of Religious Culture
Jan Marc NOTTELMANN 58-71
Theoretical Writings on J?ruri: Thinking about Art in Japanese Puppet Theater History Andreas REGELSBERGER 72-75
Special Articles
Contested Wisdom in Indonesian and Japanese Proverbs: A ?Linguistic-Cultural Mapping Sailal ARIMI 76-101
News 102-117
Editorial 119
Contributors 120