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Original Articles
Kant’s Eyes at the Frontier Enlightenment City, Konigsberug : Reconsideration of Kant’s Physical Geography Jio HOJO 2-15
Why does Godzilla destroy Cities? Masahide TABATA 16-29
A spatial analysis of the early modern town of Kaizuka with a particular focus on the tax-exempt lands of Bokuhan house retainers. Kunihiko TODA 30-45
Establishment of Legitimacy : How could Yuan Mei袁枚 acquire social prestige in Su Zhou蘇州 ? Biao WANG 46-61
Tendencies of Criminal Types in Newspapers in the Early Meiji Period Hiroaki MATSUNAGA 62-71
Special Articles
Zhen(鎮) Society in premodern China as revealed in the Records of Temples: Nanxun南潯 zhen in the Southern Song宋 period Takashi SUE 72-83
Overseas Report
A Long History of the Medieval Manuscript in the British Library Collection entitled “Inquisition of Toulouse” Nobutada ZUSHI (London) 84-87
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