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Original Articles
Izumi(和泉) as a place with Miyako — an Element which Constitutes the “Izumi Gen(和泉監)” – Keita ENDO 2-10
Tourism in Okinawa and Imaginative Geographies in the Pre war Era Koji KANDA 11-27
The Derwy School’s Experiment in Coping with Urbanization and Industrialization — The Characteristics of Teaching Practices from the View point of the Visitor – Hisayoshi MORI 28-43
A Psychological Approach to the Problem of Bicycles Illegally Parked on Pavements Daisuke SAEKI
Masato ITO
A Theoretical investigation of Two Japanese Landscape Concepts, 風景 Fukei and 景観 Keikan, and the Application to the Interpretation of Kenji Nakagami’s `Roji` Tsukasa WAKAMATSU 56-72
Oaths at Assemblies in the Languedoc in the Middle Ages Nobutada ZUSHI 73-86
Port Control in Osaka Bay through the Power of the Miyoshi Family Tadayuki AMANO 87-97
Behavioral Characteristics of People Living in Urban Areas from Standpoints of Selfishness and Conformity: A Cross-regional Comparison of Osaka and Other Cities Masato ITO,
Daisuke SAEKI
Building a Multi-ethnic Community and its Social Security: The Case of Ethnic Koreans in Japan Yuko NIKAIDO 106-117
The Spatial Structure of German Medieval Port Cities: The Possibility of comparison with the Japanese Medieval City Hiroshi NIKI 118-126
Special Articles
Changing Features in Chinese Shrine Cults around the Song Period Kohichi MATSUMOTO 127-142
News 143-172
Editorial 173
Contributors 174