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English and American Language and Literature

In 1953 a master's degree program (lower level doctor's course) in English and American Language and Literature was established, and in 1955 a doctorate program (upper level doctor's course). Since that time, the department has produced many excellent researchers and made many contributions to the discipline. At present, the main research topics being dealt with are, in English literature, satire in Elizabethan drama and the social nature of Victorian literature; in American literature, novelistic technique; in English and American cultural studies, the ideological nature of English and American culture; and in English linguistics, analysis of the spoken language called English.

Among our library resources, we have not only materials related to the themes above, but also abundant materials related to study of English Romantic and early modern and modern poetry, and in American literature, many materials related to Afro-American writers. We also have many popular mass-culture journals and magazines, either in original form or reproduced, and a large collection of Western academic journals.

At present there are 6 students in the lower level course and 4 in the upper course. The themes they are working on include: first-person narration in the works of Dickens, sexuality in the works of George Elliott, the 'New Woman' at the end of the century, the Black feminist writer Toni Morrison, secondary predicates in English, English-style irony, vocabulary and syntax, multiple meanings of prepositions, concluding sentences and asymmetrical verb construction, etc.

Most of the graduates go on to teach and do research as college teachers or are active as English teachers at high and middle schools. However, there are also some who do a variety of work in private enterprises.


A wide variety of research results are published in the academic journal Queries, put out annually by current and former graduate students of the department.
Queries, Vol. 41, Osaka City Univ. Graduate School English Literature Assoc., Aug. 2004
, Vol. 42, Osaka City Univ. Graduate School English Literature Assoc., Nov. 2005
, Vol. 43, Osaka City Univ. Graduate School English Literature Assoc., Nov. 2006

Academic Association Activities

The City University English Literature Conference, looking forward this year to its 35th meeting, is made up of current and former faculty, former and current graduate students, and graduates of the undergraduate program and every year actively holds meetings of research presentations and addresses in the fields of English and American literature, culture, linguistics, and English language education. This conference also functions as an alumni association and there is abundant exchange, not just between current students, but between faculty and former graduates, predecessors and successors